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SP1 Preliminary User Manual

July 30, 2015
A preliminary version of the user manual for our SP1 stereo sensor has been released. The manual includes information that is not available on the product website.

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SP1 and Stereo Vision Core Performance Improvement

July 16, 2015
We have increased the disparity range of both, the SP1 and the stereo vision core to 112 pixels. This has been made possible by an improved parallelization of the employed image processing algorithms.

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Stereo Vision IP Core Released

June 21, 2015
We have released the FPGA-design that drives our SP1 stereo vision sensor as a reusable IP core. This allows our customers to integrate stereo vision functionality into new FPGA-based products.

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SP1 Subpixel Optimization Support

May 24, 2015
The SP1 is now able to provide subpixel accurate disparity maps. Its accuracy has been increased to 1/16 pixel while maintaining the same stereo matching efficiency.

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Focal Length and Baseline Calculator

May 7, 2015
We have released a new online-tool that helps you selecting the right lenses and stereo baseline for your stereo camera setup. This allows you to quickly find a configuration that satisfies your needs.

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Camera Calibration Walkthrough

April 26, 2015
In a new youtube video we provide a walkthrough of the camera calibration process for the SP1. Camera calibration is controlled entirely from the SP1's web interface. No special software is required.

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New SP1 Product Video

March 15, 2015
Watch our new SP1 product video to get a glimpse of the stereo matching performance of our upcoming FPGA-based stereo vision system. The shown results have been computed in real-time on our current hardware prototype, by using two standard USB industrial cameras.

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Sample Stereo Matching Results for SP1

February 25, 2015
We have put some sample stereo matching results for our SP1 processing system online. These results were obtained with our current hardware prototype and images form the Middlebury stereo vision dataset.

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SP1 Preliminary Specifications

February 21, 2015
Today we released the preliminary technical specifications of our upcoming stereo vision product SP1. Some of these specifications might still be subject to change, but they provide a first glimpse at the capabilities of the final system.

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