August 7, 2015

New SP1 Release Date and Major Update

We have set a more precise release date for the SP1, which is by the end of September 2015. Further, we have made many other updates to the website, including a list of compatible cameras and available accessories.

Today we have performed a major update to our website. Most importantly, we have listed a release date for the SP1 stereo vision sensor. We are planning to ship the first units by the end of September 2015. If you want to be among the first to receive an SP1, then you can already contact our sales staff and have a unit reserved for you.

Another update that we have done to the SP1 product page is a list of compatible cameras. Currently this list only includes Point Grey cameras, but we are planning to also integrate support for several cameras from IDS Imaging. The currently supported cameras are:

Finally, we have added the accessories that will be available for the SP1 to the products page. The accessories include camera mounting plates for various camera models. This will help you setting up your camera pair with a precise alignment. Furthermore, we also offer a precision printed camera calibration board, for helping you to achieve the best possible calibration results.

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