August 26, 2015

SP1 now supports ROS

We have released a ROS node for the SP1 stereo vision sensor. This allows for the integration of the SP1 into existing ROS-based system.

Our SP1 stereo vision sensor now supports the ROS robot operating system. We have released a ROS node, which publishes the data that is delivered by the SP1 as ROS messages. Not only does this node publish the computed disparity map, but also a 3D point cloud which is obtained by reconstructing the 3D location of each pixel in the disparity map. This will help integrating the SP1 with existing ROS software for other 3D sensors.

ROS is an open source framework for the development of robotics system. By integrating support of the SP1, we hope to make this sensor system more accessible to robotics developers.

For more information about the new ROS integration, please visit the dedicated ROS wiki page.

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