December 8, 2015

SP1 Supports HALCON

With the release of a GenICam GenTL compatible producer, it is now possible to integrate the SP1 stereo vision sensor with the HALCON machine vision software suite.

Today we have updated the SP1 software package to version 2.1.0. The major change in this update is the inclusion of a GenICam GenTL producer. The GenTL standard specifies a generic transport layer interface for accessing cameras and other imaging devices. The standard defines two roles: a producer provides image information, which is processed by a consumer. By supporting the GenTL standard, the SP1 can now be easily integrated into existing machine vision applications that act as a consumer.

Thanks to the new GenTL producer, it is now possible to process the obtained depth data with the HALCON machine vision software suite. The GenTL producer provides access to the rectified camera image, the disparity map and the resulting 3D point cloud. Example code for HALCON's HDevelop development environment is included in the software package.

HALCON screenshot

Fig. 1: Screenshot of HALCON accessing the SP1 stereo vision sensor.


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