February 5, 2016

Nerian Becomes MVTec Image Acquisition Partner

Nerian is joining the Image Acquisition Partner program by MVTec, the company behind the industrial machine vision software HALCON and MERLIC.

Since the release of our GenICam GenTL-Producer module last December, it has been possible to integrate our SP1 stereo vision sensor with HALCON, a widespread software-suite for industrial machine vision. Today we are taking the support for HALCON one step further, by joining the MVTec Image Acquisition Partner program.

MVTec Image Acquisition Partner

MVTec Software GmbH is the company behind HALCON, and also behind the new MERLIC software suite for the intuitive development of machine vision applications. By joining the image acquisition partner program, we can ensure that our depth-sensing devices continue to function flawlessly with future HALCON releases and other products by MVTec.

MVTec is a valuable partner for Nerian Vision Technologies. Their existing tools provide great support for analyzing depth data with respect to many industrial applications. This allows our customers to quickly move from system development to system deployment. We hope that our depth-sensing technology also enables new possibilities for existing users of MVTec products.