October 7, 2016

SP1 Doubles its Image Resolution

A new firmware update for our SP1 stereo vision sensor almost doubles the supported image resolution and brings further improvements.

We continue our endeavor of constantly improving our stereo vision technology. Today these efforts have resulted in a major update for our SP1 stereo vision sensor, which almost doubles the supported image resolution!

Many applications require high accuracy rather than high speed measurements. This is particularly the case for visual inspection and quality assurance. With the new firmware release, the user has a choice between a high processing rate or a high image resolution. The SP1 can now process input images with a resolution of up to 1440 x 1072 pixels.

Example left camera image Example depth measurements
Figure: Example high-resolution left camera image and corresponding depth map. Click to enlarge.
Example left camera image
Example left camera image.
Example depth measurements
Depth measurements (disparity map) computed by SP1.

At the same time we have also released an update for the SP1 client software and API. This new release introduces a new, more efficient network protocol, and adds a graphical user interface to our SpCom application. SpCom is our sample application for visualizing and recording the image data that is output by the SP1. The new release now allows to store the recorded depth data as 3D point clouds in the widespread PLY format.

If you would like to see these improvements for yourself, please visit us at the VISION trade fair in Stuttgart, from November 8 to 10.