February 20, 2017

Video Tutorial on 3D Shape Detection with HALCON 13

We have published a new video tutorial that demonstrates how the SP1 can be used together with HALCON 13 for performing 3D shape detection.

HALCON by MVTec is one of the most widely used software environments for developing machine vision applications. It features a rich collection of algorithms for processing 2D images. For many more complex tasks, however, processing 2D image data is not sufficient. This is why HALCON also provides support for analyzing 3D data in the form of depth maps and 3D point clouds.

With the newly released version 13, HALCON just extended its support for 3D image processing. This version also greatly simplifies the integration with the SP1 stereo vision sensor, by adding support for a new 3D point cloud pixel format.

To demonstrate how easily the SP1 can now be used with HALCON, we have created a new video tutorial. This tutorial shows how a cylinder can be detected with HALCON from the 3D point cloud that is provided by the SP1 and our Karmin stereo camera. Please enjoy this tutorial and subscribe to our Youtube channel if you would like to see more videos like this.