March 27, 2017

Nerian Expands Sales Team

Briefly established, young companies often fail in hiring skilled personnel, since graduates and young professionals mostly prefer established enterprises; this especially also holds for the machine vision industry. Given this circumstance, why not appoint an experienced senior freelancer?

Nerian Vision Technologies, newcomer in the field of the three-dimensional registration of objects by stereo matching, has already gained wide reputation within the machine vision audience. First commercial successes do not only ensure the stability of the start-up, but furthermore its continuous development in terms of the advanced technology applied, and also with respect to sales and marketing. This is why the founder, Dr. Konstantin Schauwecker, decided to expand his team by a veteran in the field of machine vision.

Dr. Helmut Schwarz, as a Senior Consultant, will take care of sales and marketing tasks in the first place, benefiting from his long standing experience as a Marketing- and Sales Manager in the industry. As a freelancer, he worked, e.g., for a well known manufacturer of 3D-scanners located in the southern part of Germany, now under the roof of Hexagon, as well as for a start up from Thuringia, sine last year part of Cognex. His responsibility covers the extension of the sales activities, market research, and press work, besides others.

The SP1 stereo vision sensor allows to perform stereo matching on real-time camera imagery, which facilitates depth perception and 3D-reconstruction. Unlike most other approaches to depth sensing, such as structured light or time-of-flight measurements, stereo vision is a purely passive technology which also works in bright daylight.