April 12, 2017

SP1 Supports MATLAB

With the current software release for our SP1 stereo vision sensor, it is now possible to use MATLAB for processing the acquired 3D depth data in real-time.

With the SP1 stereo vision sensor, Nerian Vision Technologies enables the fast and accurate acquisition of 3D depth data, even under challenging illumination conditions. The acquisition of 3D data is, however, just the first step in a typical 3D machine vision application. In order to simplify the data analysis for our customers, we have made an easy integration with existing standard software one of our priorities. The SP1 can already be easily integrated with HALCON by MVTec, and there exists an official module for the Robot Operating System (ROS), which is popular in the robotics research community.

Screenshot of MATLAB

From today we officially support one further widespread standard software: MATLAB by Mathworks. By improving our GenTL compatible driver, it is now possible to use MATLAB for accessing the live data from our stereo vision sensor. In order to use this functionality, MATLAB's Image Acquisition Toolbox and GenTL adapter are required. In our current software release, you can find an example application that demonstrates how MATLAB can be used for data acquisition and visualization.

With our new GenTL driver, the compatibility with other machine vision software will also be improved. We hope that this will make software integration even easier for our customers.