February 1, 2018

New functionality and performance improvements for SceneScan

A firmware update for our new SceneScan and SceneScan Pro sensor systems introduces a new auto exposure functionality and improves the processing performance.

It has been just three month since the official market launch of Nerian's new 3D sensing solutions SceneScan and SceneScan Pro, but already we have released the first major update. This update, which comes as an installable firmware file, introduces a new feature for controlling camera exposure and gain.

The new firmware version also significantly increases the processing performance when using large disparity ranges. With this new version, the maximum frame rate increases by up to 17%. This has been made possible by further optimizations and fine tunings of our FPGA design.

The update also extends the range of supported pixel formats by adding the 12-bit greyscale formats Mono12 and Mono12Packed in addition to the already supported format Mono12p. Further enhancements include stability improvements and several minor tweaks.

The update can be downloaded by all our existing customers from our software download page