March 2, 2018

New SceneScan Firmware Enables High-Precision Time Synchronization

With a new firmware update, our SceneScan and SceneScan Pro 3D sensor systems get support for the PTP protocol, as well as other improvements.

When our SceneScan and SceneScan Pro 3D sensor systems are used in combination with other sensors, time synchronization plays an important role. If there is no time synchronicity between the individual sensors, the acquired measurement data cannot be reliably fused. For this reason, SceneScan (Pro) offers different synchronization options just like its predecessor SP1. This includes synchronization via the Network Time Protocol (NTP) and a Pulse Per Second (PPS) signal.

With the recently released firmware version 1.2.0, a further option for time synchronization is now available: the Precision Time Protocol (PTP). Compared to NTP, PTP offers a significantly higher accuracy – down to the nanosecond range. In comparison to PPS on the other hand, no pulse generator is required, which simplifies the overall system.

This is not the only improvement that the new firmware brings. With this release we have also simplified the camera calibration and improved performance and stability. As before, this new firmware version is available free of charge to all our customers and can be downloaded from our download area.