March 12, 2018

New video demonstrating SceneScan's 3D vision capabilities

Watch the new product video of our SceneScan 3D sensor system to see it's real-time 3D vision capabilities.

Conveying the true capabilities of our extremely fast SceneScan 3D-sensor system is not always an easy task. This is why we created a new video that demonstrates SceneScan's performance for both indoor and outdoor applications. SceneScan is able to acquire high-resolution depth maps at high frame rates. So please make sure to watch the video in Full HD.

The video demonstrates 3D measurements of moving objects and measurements in bright daylight and over short and long distances. All 3D depth data that you see was generated in real-time by our SceneScan Pro model. If you would like to learn more about SceneScan and it's 3D vision performance, please visit our SceneScan product page.