July 24, 2018

Nerian becomes a member of SpectroNet

SpectroNet is a digital solution provider for the organization of regional, national and international collaborations between companies and / or research institutions and their customers in the field of Photonic Measurement Engineering and Quality Assurance (PMQ).

This fits perfectly with Nerian's goals - so it was a logical step to become a member of this organization. Dr. Schauwecker, founder and CEO of Nerian: "SpectroNet means networking at a high level. The membership will help us to integrate new, fresh ideas in the field of 3D image processing into our products and to open up additional international customer groups".

As SpectroNet writes on ist website: "SpectroNet is very proud to announce the new clusterpartner Nerian Vision GmbH. Nerian Vision GmbH is a young start-up that specializes in the development, production and distribution of systems for real-time machine vision. The current focus of the work is on the extraction of depth data from stereoscopic images. By leveraging this technology, a pair of ordinary cameras can be turned into a rich 3D sensor."

Further information can be found at the SpectroNet website.