August 8, 2018

SceneScan supports PCL and OpenCV

With the new vision software release 6.1, we now officially support the PCL and OpenCV libraries.

Processing 3D point cloud data – such as provided by Nerian's SceneScan 3D sensor system – is no easy task. There exist many algorithms for recognition, registration, segmentation, surface reconstruction or filtering of point clouds. In order to quickly complete a project, it is thus highly recommend to use a mature library that already provides implementations for the most relevant algorithms. This is why we have been supporting the HALCON machine vision software suite for a long time. With our newly released software update, we now also support the Point Cloud Library or PCL.

PCL is an open source library for processing 3D point clouds. Processing the data from our sensor systems with PCL has always been possible, but it did require the user to write his own adapter code. In our new vision software release version 6.1, we directly integrated support for PCL. This greatly simplifies using PCL for processing our sensor data.

Similarly, we also integrated support for OpenCV. OpenCV is an open source library for processing 2D image data. Often it's sufficient to process a depth map with 2D algorithms in order to detect a 3D object. We and our customers have been using OpenCV with our sensor systems for a long time, for example in our own NVCom application that is part of the vision software release. With the new direct integration of OpenCV, using this library has now become even easier.