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About Nerian Vision

We are a young start-up company from Stuttgart, Germany, specializing in the development, production and distribution of innovative 3D sensor systems for real-time applications in the machine vision industry.

Today our sensor systems are used in fields such as automation technology, service robotics, autonomous vehicles, logistics, quality assurance or medical technology.

The company was founded in July 2015 by our CEO Dr. Konstantin Schauwecker. After studying computer science in Esslingen and Auckland, he received his doctorate in Tübingen on the subject of stereo vision. Today, we still maintain good contacts with science and are happy to support academic work.

With the first commercially available stereo vision system “SP1”, the company entered the machine vision market as a technology leader. This was a first revolutionary step towards offering stereo image processing in real time and enabling many new technical applications in robotics and automation technology in the first place.

With sales in already more than 25 countries, we have gained worldwide recognition from the professional public since our foundation. Our customers include companies such as Google, Amazon, Bosch, Boeing, Toyota, Kärcher and many others.

We make stereo vision a suitable solution for everyday use

We are firmly convinced that passive stereo vision will continue to grow in industrial applications. We want stereo vision to be suitable for everyday use and usable in almost any application that requires fast and robust 3D measurements!

We revolutionize the machine vision market by showing that stereo vision is the best of all 3D technologies

Thanks to our efforts the first step has been taken! We serve a need that is not covered by the existing 3D sensors: 3D outdoor imaging in bright daylight or at large measuring distances. Existing active 3D cameras can hardly work under such conditions. We offer the right 3D solution for customers who are confronted with such demanding conditions:

With Nerian’s SceneScan stereo vision sensor, the processing power required for real-time stereo vision in even the most challenging lighting conditions is now available for the first time in a small, energy-efficient system!

Customized stereo matching solutions - Nerian for customer specific requirements

Customization is part of our Nerian’s philosophy. To ensure that our systems fits your requirements, we offer a wide range of image sensors, lenses and the base distance between cameras. This flexibility allows adaptation to almost any application with an excellent price/performance ratio.

However, in case our Karmin3 camera does not meet your requirements, we can also offer a complete custom camera configuration together with the SceneScan or SceneScan Pro systems.

You want to speed up your machine vision?

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Highest standards

The continuous development of the innovative technology which we use, allows us to revolutionize the market today with the fastest available 3D stereo measurement system. By implementing our entire image processing pipeline on an FPGA, we achieve both high processing rates and high quality.

We want to ensure that our measurement systems always provide you with the most accurate and fastest 3D measurements on the market. Therefore, we already have developments on the way that will make our cameras even better and give us a further advantage over our competitors.

A Member of TKH Technology

Since July 2022 we are part of the TKH Group N.V.

About TKH Group N.V.

TKH Group N.V. (TKH) is a leading technology company focused on advanced innovative technology systems in high-growth markets.

Our mission is to create best in class technologies in the field of Smart Vision systems, Smart Manufacturing systems, and Smart Connectivity systems. TKH aims to create sustainable value for all its stakeholders and provides disruptive technologies that improve efficiency, sustainability, safety, and security.

The technologies are combined with internally developed software to create Smart Technologies and one-stop-shop solutions with plug and play integrated systems. TKH employs over 6,000 FTE employees and operates globally, with its growth concentrated in Europe, North America, and Asia.

TKH is listed on Euronext Amsterdam with the ticker symbol TWEKA. TKH reports in three segments: Smart Vision systems, Smart Manufacturing systems, and Smart Connectivity systems.

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