Interactive multimedia installations through stereo vision

Support for Nerian’s SceneScan system has now been integrated into Lightact, a software for creating interactive multimedia installations.

Lightact is a software suite by Slovenian software developer VISIBLE d.o.o for creating interactive multimedia installations. Its media server software can generate or playback pre-rendered content and modify it in real-time, based on a variety of different inputs.

Lightact has now been extended to include full support of Nerian’s stereo vision technology, since the choice of imaging devices, greatly influences the reliability of object tracking. Mitja Prelovšek, CEO of VISIBLE d.o.o., says: “That’s why we are very excited that Lightact 3.1.2 now includes full support of SceneScan and Karmin2. We want to offer our users all the tools they need to create absolutely stunning interactive installations and with stereo vision technology we are giving them a reliable, wide field-of-view and long-range depth mapping. This is essential in a lot of interactive installations.” Konstantin Schauwecker, CEO of Nerian Vision GmbH adds: “Again, a well-know player in 3D imaging supports our advanced stereo vision systems, to the benefit of their and our users. We are convinced that this step will substantially help to further establish Nerian’s proven technology in the marketplace.”

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