Nerian Vision as a guest at the ISW of the University of Stuttgart

Industry meets research – and vice versa!
Just before our summer break we had the opportunity to visit the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units, ISW for short, at the University of Stuttgart.

The ISW is internationally one of the leading university research institutes in the field of control engineering with an interdisciplinary focus on future technologies for production and automation.
Research objectives include the performance of the technologies used, resource efficiency, accuracy and dynamics in operation.

The main reason for our visit was the installation of the new EFFI-Lase V2-PSV pattern projector in a robotic application, which is already using our SceneScan Pro 3D stereo vision sensor system.

The purpose of the application is to detect cable harnesses and hoses and to consider their deformation behaviour during manipulation. The pattern projector is intended to further improve the detection of texturless and repetitive objects.

The complex task of cable manipulation is made possible by combining the high recording rate of the Nerian SceneScan Pro 3D stereo camera system with an efficient multi-body simulation of the deformation behaviour and a modern lightweight robot Franka Emika Panda.

The 3D information from the stereo camera allows the robot system to perceive the position and configuration of the cable in real time, so that this information can be taken into account in the robot controller.

Mr. Markus Wnuk will further test the pattern projector in his application. However, his first impression already suggests good fortune, as the first measurement results after the projector was installed were extremely promising: “With the projected pattern, SceneScan achieves a high quality of the captured 3D point cloud data. This makes it much easier for our algorithm to identify the hard-to-detect linear geometry even more reliably.”

Our managing director Dr. Schauwecker was also very impressed by the highly professional technical realization of the application: “The probabilistic method chosen by the ISW for detecting cable deformation delivers exceptional accuracy and robustness. The speed is also very convincing, to which our fast SceneScan Pro system certainly contributes.”

We wish Mr. Wnuk and his team continued success with their project and we are looking forward to further cooperation, with exciting results.

Please visit the website of the ISW to learn more about the current projects and the current state of research:

A short video impression of the application is shown in the following Tweet.

If you are interested in our EFFI-Lase V2-PSV pattern projector, our sales team is looking forward to answer your enquiry.

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