Python support for SceneScan and new firmware version

Today our official Python API has been released together with a new major version of our SceneScan’s firmware.

Today there have been two important updates for our SceneScan system: a new major release of both, the firmware and the client software package. The most important change in the client software is that we now provide an official API for Python.

The Python programming language is becoming more and more popular in the machine vision domain, and we have had many requests for an official Python API. We are glad that today this new API is finally here, and available for both, Windows and Linux. The API comes with several examples and a demo application that show how to communicate with SceneScan and receive real-time 3D depth data. To get started, you can already browse the API documentation on our support website.

The other big update is firmware version 6.0 for SceneScan. This new version greatly simplifies system configuration. There is now a large set of pre-programmed presets for all common configurations with our Karmin2 and Karmin3 cameras. Hence, configuring SceneScan for one of these cameras can now be done with just a single click. Also, we significantly restructured the user interface. The less commonly used features are now grouped on the Advanced Settings section and the most important settings have now been moved to the new Acquisition Settings page.

We hope that these two releases will make it even easier to integrate SceneScan into your machine vision applications!

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