Real-time 3D Stereo Vision in Color: Image Processing Performance Doubled

Nerian continues to push the boundaries of its 3D vision technology. This effort has resulted in the new firmware version 8.0 for Nerian’s SceneScan 3D vision system, which brings several major performance improvements.

The new firmware significantly increases the frame rate when used with color cameras. In some cases the frame rate is doubled, such as at 1024 x 768 pixels, where now 32 instead of 16 fps are possible with the full 256 pixels disparity range.

At the same time, the maximum supported color image resolution has been increased significantly, and is now on par with the maximum monochrome resolution. Here is the new list of recommended resolution / frame rate combinations:

ModelDisparityImage Resolution
Range640 × 480800 × 5921024 × 7681600 × 12002016 × 1536
SceneScan64 pixels45 fps30 fpsn/an/an/a
monochrome128 pixels30 fps20 fpsn/an/an/a
SceneScan Pro128 pixels135 fps90 fps55 fps22 fps13 fps
monochrome256 pixels75 fps53 fps34 fps12 fps7 fps
SceneScan Pro128 pixels80 fps53 fps32 fps13 fps8 fps
color256 pixels72 fps49 fps32 fps12 fps7 fps

The new release also significantly increases SceneScan’s capacity for correcting lens distortion and camera alignment errors. As always, the firmware can be downloaded from our software download page.

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