5 Years of Nerian Vision
5 Years of Excellence in 3D Stereo Vision

Happy anniversary to us and to you with 10% discount!

Video flashback: 5 years of Nerian

Nerian Vision is celebrating it’s 5th anniversary and we want to celebrate it with you.

Since 2015 we provide excellent passive 3D depth perception through stereo vision in real-time and now you can benefit from this expertise with a special Nerian Vision anniversary discount!

From July, 01 2020 until December, 31 2020 we provide you a 10 % discount on our stereo vision systems.*

SceneScan stereo vision sensor

SceneScan is Nerian’s latest 3D depth perception solution, using stereo vision and hardware-based image processing. SceneScan computes a 3D image of the observed environment in real-time. Unlike conventional depth cameras, no light in the visible or invisible spectral range needs to be emitted for this. As a result, SceneScan provides accurate 3D perception even under difficult conditions, such as bright daylight, long range measurements, overlapping ranges, or even underwater measurements.

  • Highspeed processing on a FPGA
  • 3D depth perception in real-time
  • No emittance of light necesarry for measurements
  • Robust to daylight
  • Appropriate for long range and near field measurements

* Discount does only apply to the purchase of a SceneScan / SceneScan Pro device or the purchase of a complete stereo vision system (SceneScan / SceneScan Pro + Karmin 3D stereo camera series). No individual sale of the stereo camera and no discount on camera lenses.

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