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Real-Time Stereo Vision on FPGAs with SceneScan

We present a flexible FPGA stereo vision implementation that is capable of processing up to 100 frames per second or image resolutions up to 3.4 megapixels, while consuming only 8 W of power. The implementation uses a variation of the Semi-Global Matching (SGM) algorithm, which provides superior results compared to many simpler approaches. The stereo matching results are improved significantly through a post-processing chain that operates on the computed cost cube and the disparity map. With this implementation we have created two stand-alone hardware systems for stereo vision, called SceneScan and SceneScan Pro. Both systems have been developed to market maturity and are available from Nerian Vision GmbH.

Accepted for publication at Forum Bildverarbeitung 2018, Karlsruhe.

SP1: Stereo Vision in Real Time

Stereo vision is a compelling technology for depth perception. Unlike other methods for depth sensing, such as time-of-flight or structured light cameras, stereo vision is a passive approach. This makes this method suitable for environments with bright ambient lighting, or for situations with multiple sensors within close proximity to one another. The reason why stereo vision is not used more widely is that it requires a vast amount of computation. To overcome this burden, Nerian Vision Technologies introduces the SP1 stereo vision system. This stand-alone device is able to handle the required processing by relying on a built-in FPGA.

Published at MuSRobS@ IROS, 2015, pp. 40–41.