libvisiontransfer  4.1.5
Reconstruct3D Member List

This is the complete list of members for Reconstruct3D, including all inherited members.

createPointMap(const unsigned short *dispMap, int width, int height, int rowStride, const float *q, unsigned short minDisparity=1)Reconstruct3D
createPointMap(const ImagePair &imagePair, unsigned short minDisparity=1)Reconstruct3D
writePlyFile(const char *file, const unsigned short *dispMap, const unsigned char *image, int width, int height, int dispRowStride, int imageRowStride, const float *q, double maxZ=std::numeric_limits< double >::max())Reconstruct3D
writePlyFile(const char *file, const ImagePair &imagePair, double maxZ=std::numeric_limits< double >::max())Reconstruct3D
~Reconstruct3D() (defined in Reconstruct3D)Reconstruct3D
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