libvisiontransfer  6.4.0
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This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 Cvisiontransfer::internal::AlignedAllocator< T, alignment >STL-compatible allocator for memory-aligned allocations
 Cvisiontransfer::AsyncTransferClass for asynchronous transfer of image pairs
 Cvisiontransfer::internal::BitConversionsVarious implementations for converting from 12-bit to 16-bit per pixels formats
 Cvisiontransfer::internal::DataBlockProtocolA protocol for transmitting large blocks of data over a network
 Cvisiontransfer::DeviceEnumerationAllows for the discovery of devices in the network
 Cvisiontransfer::DeviceInfoAggregates information about a discovered device
 Cvisiontransfer::ImagePairA set of two images, which are usually the left camera image and the disparity map
 Cvisiontransfer::ImageProtocolA lightweight protocol for transferring image pairs
 Cvisiontransfer::ImageTransferClass for synchronous transfer of image pairs
 Cvisiontransfer::internal::InternalInformationInformation that is required internally by different program parts
 Cvisiontransfer::internal::NetworkingA collection of helper functions for implementing network communication
 Cvisiontransfer::internal::ParameterTransferAllows a configuration of device parameters over the network
 Cvisiontransfer::internal::AlignedAllocator< T, alignment >::rebind< U >
 Cvisiontransfer::Reconstruct3DTransforms a disparity map into a set of 3D points
 Cvisiontransfer::ParameterExceptionException class that is used for all parameter-related exceptions
 Cvisiontransfer::ProtocolExceptionException class that is used for all protocol exceptions
 Cvisiontransfer::TransferExceptionException class that is used for all transfer exceptions
 Cvisiontransfer::SceneScanParametersAllows a configuration of SceneScan's parameters through a network connection
 Cvisiontransfer::internal::StandardParameterIDsA collection of numeric IDs for all supported parameters by SceneScan
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