From the variety of possible applications for our SceneScan 3D sensor system and our Karmin2 stereo camera, we would like to name a few representative examples:

SceneScan with connected stereo camera

Robotics - Stereovision localizes, identifies, verifies, checks

Industrial robot with stereo vision

Modern robots learn to see; here it depends not only on sufficient accuracy but also on the speed in order to keep specified timing requirements. Both are guaranteed by the use of the proven stereo vision technology, implemented and realized in the SceneScan line of advanced 3D sensors. This opens up countless application possibilities. For example, in palletizing by means of fast localization of products, by identifying their geometry and thus minimizing cycle times.

Measurement of Large Objects – Stereo Vision Tells the Size

3D measurement with stereo vision

Does the small object fit into the large one? Or not? Such questions are often asked when it comes to dimensions, for example of vehicles – just think of portals of all kinds, such as tunnel entrances. Most of the time, height and width are traditionally determined by mechanical probes, but optical methods such as stereo vision are more accurate, faster and more reliable – especially when based on FPGAs such as SceneScan. There are countless such applications, find out yours!

Autonomous Driving – Stereo Vision Guides Safely Through the Traffic Chaos

Autonomous vehicle with stereo vision

Several well-known vehicle manufacturers are currently testing the performance of our systems for daily routine use. Compared to solutions based on "normal" CPUs or GPUs, SceneScan offers the advantage of extremely low power consumption, small footprint and a large measuring range.

The combination of Stereo vision with other sensors (laser, radar, etc.) is very promising, prototypes are expected soon.

Our Oceans – Monitoring Marine Life and Habitats

Underwater use of stereo vision

Our oceans face many challenges: Overfishing, global warming, increased use of valuable resources at depth (oil, natural gases, precious metals, etc) - in short, monitoring of this fragile ecosystem is becoming increasingly urgent. Autonomous mini-submarines (AUVs) equipped with suitable sensors provide valuable assistance here. Stereo vision cameras can, for example, check platforms for oil leaks, determine the size of shoals of fish, and determine the circumference of so-called plastic islands. Also these applications often depend on speed – i.e. real-time capability is a must!

Assembly Inspection – Stereo Vision Helps to Ensure Quality

Circuit board assembly with stereo vision

It is clear that in the production of electronic components, the requirements for highest accuracy are substantial; if not, the consequences are usually borne by the user, the customer. Of course, this does not exactly benefit the manufacturer's reputation.

In order to meet the short cycle times that are required for 100% quality control, an FPGA-oriented system such as Nerian's SceneScan is the method of choice and can thus significantly reduce rejects – and increase customer satisfaction.

Warehousing – Stereo Vision Helps to Keep Order

Automated logistics with stereo vision

Considering the variety of products that large (internet) retailers have to offer, it is always surprising how these companies organize themselves. How do they have access to individual products? In other words, where are these stored, and how can the access time be optimized? Here too, Nerian's solutions can make the difference!

Navigation Within Closed Rooms – Stereo Vision Inside

Navigation with stereo vision

Outdoor navigation solutions have been an integral part of our daily lives for well over a decade – be it in motorized traffic, leisure time (hiking, biking,...) – and of course for much longer in civil or military aviation.

On the other hand, navigation in closed rooms is still a challenge, as the satellite-supported GPS signals do not generally penetrate (concrete) walls. Stereo vision can help here. Position determination within – even relatively large – enclosed spaces is possible with this technology and can be combined with external GPS data. A world-renowned multinational corporation is currently evaluating Nerian's technology.

Medical Technology – Stereo Vision as a Helper for the Handicapped and Physicians

Blindness is a difficult fate, so it is all the more important to make life easier for those affected. Above all, it is important to improve the ability for orientation in public, because the usual method of using a stick is imprecise and thus dangerous. Stereo vision can help here; of course, the extremely fast image processing that Nerian offers is absolutely necessary. A well-known medical company is currently working on a solution.

Medical technology with stereo vision

High-precision positioning of patients plays an outstanding role in many medical procedures. In radiotherapy, for example, it is important to protect healthy tissue as far as possible. But also surgical interventions often require precise position control of the patient. An internationally renowned medical technology corporation uses Nerian's stereo vision technology for these applications.

Occupational Safety – Stereo Vision Takes Care of You

Safety with stereo vision

The safety of the operator in the production processes has top priority. Even if many machines – such as robots – already try to sense humans, there is still a lot of catching up to do in this area. Although there are often two-dimensional sensor curtains, the trend is clearly towards 3D solutions that can determine the position of the worker in space and not just on a flat plane. This ensures significantly higher safety and thus less risk of injury, which – of course – benefits companies as well as employees.

Curious? Then contact us and find out how well stereo vision fits your application.