Machine Vision Products

SP1 Stereo Vision Sensor

Using FPGA-technology, the SP1 stereo vision sensor is able to perform real-time stereo matching with two USB industrial cameras. This makes the SP1 a versatile depth sensing system, which also works in difficult situations such as bright ambient light. Read more »

Karmin 3D Stereo Camera

A pre-assembled stereo camera that has been designed for easy use with our SP1 stereo vision sensor. Karmin is freely configurable in terms of baseline distance and integrated camera modules. Read more »

Stereo Vision IP Core

The stereo vision core is what drives our SP1 stereo vision sensor. You can license this core to integrate depth sensing capabilities into your own FPGA-based products. Read more »


Stereo Camera Mounting Plates

Precision manufactured camera mounting plates for stereo vision. We provide different plates for various camera models. Read more »

Camera Calibration Board

A camera calibration board in A4 format, featuring the asymmetric circles grid. The board is made of an aluminum compound material. Read more »