SceneScan: Passive High-Speed Depth Sensing

SceneScan is Nerian's latest innovation for real-time 3D depth sensing through stereo vision. Unlike conventional depth cameras, stereo vision is a passive technology, which also works robustly in bright daylight. With the help of a powerful FPGA, SceneScan analyzes the image data from two cameras, and computes a depth map or a 3D point cloud at very high speeds. The system can process images at up to 100 fps and image resolutions up to 3 megapixels.

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Recent News

New video demonstrating SceneScan's 3D vision capabilities

March 12, 2018
Watch the new product video of our SceneScan 3D sensor system to see it's real-time 3D vision capabilities.

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New SceneScan Firmware Enables High-Precision Time Synchronization

March 2, 2018
With a new firmware update, our SceneScan and SceneScan Pro 3D sensor systems get support for the PTP protocol, as well as other improvements.

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Nerian at the SpectroNet Collaboration Conference

February 22, 2018
Nerian will be attending the SpectroNet Collaboration Conference in M√ľnster on March 27 and 28.

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New functionality and performance improvements for SceneScan

February 1, 2018
A firmware update for our new SceneScan and SceneScan Pro sensor systems introduces a new auto exposure functionality and improves the processing performance.

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