SceneScan: Depth-Sensing Through Stereo Vision at 100 Fps

SceneScan is Nerian's latest innovation for real-time 3D depth sensing through stereo vision. Unlike conventional depth cameras, stereo vision is a passive technology, which also works robustly in bright daylight. With the help of a powerful FPGA, SceneScan analyzes the image data from two cameras, and computes a depth map or a 3D point cloud at very high speeds. The system can process images at up to 100 fps and image resolutions up to 3 megapixels.

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Introducing the new support forum

March 27, 2019
We have launched a new support forum to better help our customers with using our products.

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Interactive multimedia installations through stereo vision

January 21, 2019
Support for Nerian's SceneScan system has now been integrated into Lightact, a software for creating interactive multimedia installations.

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New parameter API for SceneScan

January 16, 2019
We have introduced a new API for reading and writing SceneScan's parameters through software.

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