Introducing the SP1 Stereo Vision System

The SP1 stereo vision system is our solution for embedded real-time stereo matching. Unlike most other approaches to depth sensing, stereo matching is a purely passive technology which also works in bright daylight. Thanks to an integrated FPGA, the SP1 is capable of processing the imagery of two industrial USB cameras in real-time, and produces a dense disparity map (inverse depth map).

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Recent News

Karmin is Here: Our Pre-Assembled Stereo Camera

September 5, 2016
We introduce Karmin, a pre-assembled stereo camera which is based on two Basler dart camera modules. Karmin greatly simplifies the set-up of a working system for depth perception.

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SP1 Supports Basler Dart Cameras

August 8, 2016
A new firmware release for the SP1 stereo vision system adds support for Basler's low-cost Dart cameras.

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