Scarlet: The Next Generation of Passive 3D Depth Sensing

We supply the vision for your application!


Measurements at close range and at long distances are possible – even under bright lightning conditions.

Immediate 3D results

You won't wait with us! Output of 3D depth maps in real-time at up to 100 fps


Our products adapt to your application – not the other way round!


Space-saving design and low energy consumption for maximum performance.

We make the difference!

With our systems, stereo vision can be used in almost every application for fast and robust 3D measurements. Because our goal is to make stereo vision a suitable solution for everyday use.

Our products

Nerian offers high performance solutions for 3D depth perception. Thanks to the FPGA devices we use, you get maximum performance in a small form factor and with low power consumption. This makes our 3D camera systems versatile and suitable for even the most demanding applications.

Convince yourself of the many advantages and flexibility of our products!

Your custom application with Nerian: compatibility and flexibility

In order to provide you with the most possible individualized experience, customization is part of our Nerian philosophy. Customized setups allow you to easily adapt our technology to the requirements of your application at an excellent price-performance ratio!

With our wide range of image sensors, lenses and flexible baseline distances between the cameras, we promise to find the right setup for your 3D measurement application.

Discover the technical possibilities of 3D stereo vision!

News from Nerian

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