Karmin3: Our newest stereo camera is here!

A new model of our beloved stereo camera is now available with two 3 Megapixel Sony Pregius IMX265 image sensors: Karmin3.

Today Nerian is launching the Karmin3, the newest member of its popular line of stereo cameras. The new Karmin3 features two state of the art Sony Pregius IMX265 image sensors. With its very high dynamic range (69 dB) and quantum efficiency (71%), this sensor captures excellent images even under challenging conditions. Karmin3 not only improves the image quality, but also significantly increases the resolution compared to it’s predecessors. The camera can provide images at 3 megapixels resolution, or at 0.8 megapixels with increased frame rate and reduced noise.

Karmin3 is intended for use with Nerian’s SceneScan or SceneScan Pro image processing systems. Karmin3 records a stereoscopic image pair, which SceneScan (Pro) processes to compute the three-dimensional depth information. The combined system acts just like a conventional 3D camera with one key difference: no active light projection is required for performing measurements. This is a significant advantage, as it allows measurements to be conducted even in bright environments, such as outdoors at bright daylight. The high dynamic range of Karmin3 makes the performance in such situations even better.

Just like it’s predecessor Karmin2, the Karmin3 camera is available in four different variations. For close-range measurements, a model with a short baseline distance of 10 cm is available. For long-range measurements, Nerian provides a model with a long baseline distance of 25 cm. Each model is available with either a color or monochrome sensor.

Nerian offers a choice of 7 different lenses for use with the Karmin3. Hence, the camera can be tailored for almost every use case. In cases where the Karmin3 should not meet a customer requirement, Nerian can also provide a completely custom camera configuration together with it’s SceneScan or SceneScan Pro systems.

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