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Vision software release

This software collection comprises tools, APIs and libraries for interfacing with Nerian’s SceneScan and Scarlet stereo vision sensor systems. It includes the following components:

  • libvisiontransfer: An API for C++ and Python for communicating with Nerian’s stereo vision sensor systems.
  • NVCom: A client application that provides a live display of the depth data that is delivered by Nerian’s devices.
  • GenTL producer: A GenICam GenTL compatible producer module. Use this module for integrating Nerian’s devices into existing applications that act as GenTL consumers, such as HALCON or MATLAB.
  • Examples: Example programs for C++, HALCON’s HDevelop language and MATLAB.

The software release is open source and cross-platform. It can be used with Windows and Linux, and it runs on x86 and ARM CPUs. Please choose from one of the following download options:

  • Version 9.0.5 as binaries for Windows (32 MB) (Changelog)
    The pre-compiled binaries are compatible to Visual Studio from version 2013.
  • Version 9.0.5 as source code (2.0 MB) (Changelog)
    A source code only release of the listed software components, which can be compiled for many different platforms. Use this version if you are developing for Linux or if you are using a compiler other than Visual Studio on Windows.

Please note: since version 6.0.0, this software release is no longer compatible to SP1. If you are still using SP1, then please download an older release from our download archive

SceneScan and Scarlet firmware

SceneScan’s firmware is frequently updated in order to integrate new features and to improve our image processing algorithms

Previous versions

Previous versions and other outdated material – such as firmware releases for SP1 – can be found in our download archive.